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Cargo Tutor Online – English Tutor
Empresa Latinhire
Cidade Rio de Janeiro
Tipo Freelancer
Experiência – Native-level English speaker.
– Intermediate Spanish or Portuguese language skills.
– Has completed or is currently enrolled in a degree program at an accredited institution of higher education. Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred.
– One year of experience teaching English as a second language
– Conhecimento comprovado na disciplina que deseja dar aulas (estudante ou formado)
– Computador com acesso a internet
Descrição Estamos em busca de um Tutor Online – English Tutor

Benefits of the Online English Teacher position:
– Up to 48 hrs. available per week!
– Ideal working hours. Peak times are from 6 pm – 2 am EST on weekdays, and all day on weekends.
– Flexible schedule.
– Work from anywhere (computer, appropriate work-space, reliable Internet connection needed).

Salary: R$28.00 to R$50.00 /hour

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